Franchises by Category

Product sales, services and repairs for all types of automobiles.
Products and services in the beauty space that include: Hair, nails, make-up, eyelashes, skin treatments, spas, tanning and more.
Business Services
This is a broad category that offers a multitude of B2B services, ranging from: staffing, commercial cleaning, sales training, etc.
Cleaning Services
Cleaning teams servicing both homes and businesses. Owners operate the business and typically do not do the cleaning.
A broad category with products and services in the advertising space that include digital promotion, marketing to printing.
Business Management
Business Managment and Coaching
Concepts that help improve businesses or individuals with oversight of themselves, their employees, activities, or sales.
STEM, Child Education
Businesses offering services in child education and tutoring. (Including STEM & STEAM teaching)
DRY Cleaning
DRY Cleaning
Businesses that service clients' clothing needs.
Financial Services
Financial Services Franchise
Services including tax preparation, ATM, expense reduction, financial planning, etc.
Fitness Franchise
Businesses focused on physical activity services such as gyms, fitness, and personal training.
Food Franchise
Restaurant businesses that serve all kinds of foods in both sit down or quick service experiences.
Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness Franchise
Businesses that offer self-care services in the wellness space. This can range from spa services, massage, weight loss, wellness, and preventative care.
Home Improvement
Home Improvement
Franchises that provide any service or product for home improvements. Including interior, exterior, property, renovations, and repairs.
Senior Care
Senior Care
Businesses that specialize in care that are designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages. This category is segmented to focus on those that provide a medical component to their business.
Print & Mailing
Print & Mailing
Brands that provide products and services related to printed materials, merchandise, mailing, and delivery.
Sports & Recreation
Sports & Recreation
Any business that focuses on sports or athletic training, services, or equipment.
Travel Planning
Travel Planning Franchise
Concepts that provide travel agent services. Vacation planning, hotels, etc.
Vending Machine
Vending Machine Franchise
Businesses that use small automated machines to provide a product or service needed by consumers.
Pest Control
Pest Control Franchise
Service-based brands that prevent, remove, or trap unwanted creatures. Including bugs and animals.
Signs Franchise
Businesses that design, manufacture, and install interior and exterior signage.

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